Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday

We just had a smooth morning of getting ready and out the door.  I am sitting here with time to spare it feels like.  I think that it is not time but my mood is easy going.  I did not have to get onto kids by repeating myself over and over....and over.

Get dressed, brush your teeth, stop playing, get dressed, leave your brother alone, brush your teeth, get dressed, breakfast is at the table, let the dog out, get dressed, tie your shoes, ask Dad to comb your hair, leave the toys alone, get dressed, please eat, no you can do that, get dressed......whew just typing this out is exhausting!

How do we do this Monday-Friday? More importantly, I am asking myself how do I do this in a peaceful manner?

1. Layout clothes the night before.
2. Remind kids that in the morning we have to get ready. (they may forget in their sleep)
3. Wake up with enough time to not be so groggy ...there will be a day that kids will wake up before me and get ready.  Right?!
4. Plan out lunch boxes the night before.
5. Pray, pray,pray

The thing though is that at night I just want them to go to bed so when the house is finally settled I do not want to prep.....ugh the cycle!

But you know what? I love my life....I love these kids and I will continue to find ways to show them love even through repetitious mornings.

Hope your enjoying some quiet time as your reading this.

Happy Tuesday

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