Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tutti Frutti Reflections

In these past couple of weeks as I have been thinking about my blog and the direction I want it go I have had time to reflect.  In these reflections I have thought of several new posts I wanted share yet have not had the time to sit at my laptop to do so.  One thing that is consistent with my posts is it comes down to family.  

Family is a wonderful part of my every day that it overtakes everything that I am.  Despite any downs and annoyances within our dynamic family the highs we experience coming out winning so strong.  In writing advice for my 18 year old self I would say to continue to cherish the family I have.  My favorite part of being in my family is the laughter we have when we are together.  So many times that laughter continues days later as I chuckle to myself lost in thought on our crazy conversations.   Just tonight as we were at the grocery store picking up mundane items I saw my life complete within in the love I have for each member of my family.   Reflections are good and with this being the end of a year I know that my next year will not only be blessed but will already be covered with love thanks to my family! What more could I ask for year after year?

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Certified Organic Soapbox

Why is it that good natural or organic food (grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified) has to be labeled certified? What do I mean by this question really? I mean why are we at a point that we have to have standards and labels for natural, organic food? Shouldn’t everything be natural and organic? Shouldn’t we be labeling those food products that are pretty much pieced together with some food and processed items? If there was such a big campaign on how cigarettes were unhealthy and caused damage what about processed food! I just cannot believe how we have been fooled to think processed food is good to eat, how we can just give that to our children and expect them to grow strong! More than anything I have been appalled  with this as I have 3 little kids and the thought of them eating anything with some kind of petroleum form that is processed into food so that we can buy cheaper stirs me. I am no expert on this trust me therefore that is why I say this is my opinion, my soapbox. What I can say is that you can soo taste the difference in food when it is the way God intended for us to grow it!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010


I never have given myself credit for having my hands full with 3 little kids.  Not just any 3 little kids who are spaced out in age but 3 little kids that are about a year apart!  Yes, a year apart!  Here let me make my point a bit stronger by listing out the years I had them: 2005, 2006 and 2007.  If that is not strong enough how about their age: 5,4 and 3!  So yes, 3 little ones in 3 years!   

When we are out or meeting new people they always acknowledge the fact how close the kids are and how busy we must be with just them.  Maybe now that I am finally recovering from my pregnancies I am not so delusional so I am understanding that statement.  Humor me as I am coming to terms, please…. just for a moment though imagine your youngest one and multiply  that by 3.  Imagine the wiggly, the test  of boundaries, the  fussiness, the questions, the anything your kid does.  Picture the one child jumping of the coach, you repeating yourself for the second time to  not jump again as they are mid-air jumping.  Can you even imagine 3 kids one by one jumping off the coach and really you have no chance in telling them to stop as they are too quick for your words!  I do not even have to go into bedtime with 3 kids doing the wave as they get up to “use the bathroom”….you get the picture.

So From now on I am no longer responding with my usual of saying “oh not really they are great kids”,  which they are.  I will be bold in saying “you bet I am busy!” I am  busy with triple the amount of hugs, triple the amount of kisses, triple the amount of giggles, triple the amount of love!  How could my heart not be full?

Friday, December 3, 2010


In my quest for blogging I have been going to random blogs for inspiration or to see the possibilities.   That is how I came a across a post about Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin.
In this jammed packed blog I found some neat blogging tips.  Right away I went to the one on how to find your writing voice because trust me I know where and how to use my speaking voice!
This post claims that the answer is simple….  “You give them something they can’t get anywhere else; you give them…you.” Wow that is kinda scary as I must then grab my courage up by the straps and believe that I will become your favorite blogger.  In my first step as an assertive blogger I will take their advice and apply it to my upcoming posts…
Your blog is a compilation of everything you are: your experiences, hopes, dreams, thoughts, values.  All of this is wrapped into a neat little package every time you hit publish.
Therefore since I will be presenting myself to you in a neat little package every time I hit publish I am warning you that what you read is me and only me!  In my honest upfront opinion I am great so this blog has only way to go and that is to succeed….

Let the unwrapping begin!

ps - this has brought inspiration to change my title to "Neat Little Package"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parenting Thoughts....

I just love my kids perception of life. The simplicity and clarity of how they see things is touching to me.   The innocence of their perception is something that challenges me in who I am.   So many times I am flabbergasted at how I realize that I need to change after a conversation with my 4 year old, worse when it is with my 3 year old!  Am I  not the adult, the parent?  Is this why many times it is hard to be a mom? Is it because our flaws become apparent in such a loving subtle way.  In a way that only ourselves know therefore leading us to change from within?  Funny thing is that my kids have no idea their influence on me…which is where, me as the parent still has control! Haha   

In this endeavor of being a parent I am loving some of the changes in me, the betterment of who I am.  I could allow myself to be lost in the frustration which believe me I was/am!  Thankfully that is where my husband steps in and pulls me up…sometimes it is more like a jolt in my being but once my emotions settle down I see how much I need that.  As the mom that is where I have the opportunity to make the right decision for myself and for my family as it can be true “if mom is not happy then no one is”.   In being a happy mom though it is not about being selfish either it is about being the woman God called us to be within the safety of our family.  So in conclusion my kids innocent perception of life is a blessing that I cherish and hold dear in my heart!