Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I love sharing my life with my family, we end up doing everything together.  Not only are we family but we do life together.  I am proud to be the oldest of 4 sisters and 1 younger brother.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Thought Transformer

This was one really hit home with me. We are over comers so not only should I believe this but take the action of  I WILL WIN!

The Law of Overcompensation

Glenn Cunningham survived severe burns on his legs as a young boy. He was told by doctors that he would never be able to walk again, but to everyone's surprise he not only began to walk, he decided to run. He saw a trophy in a store window that was given to those that won in track and field and it was at that moment a dream come into the heart of this young boy. The doctors told him that it was a miracle that he could even walk, but running, that was out of the question.

Glenn began to run and run, and during his career he set three World records.  He set one for the 800 meter and two for the mile. He came in second for the 1500 meter in Berlin Germany in 1936.  His nickname was the Kansas Ironman.

Here is the real question, how fast could Glenn Cunningham have been able to run if the accident had never happened?  The answer might surprise you.  I believe it would not have been near as fast.  When we face opposition but a dream remains in our hearts, it causes the Law of Overcompensation to kick in.  It is from deep within us that God pulls out of us an amazing ability and will to achieve. Don't let problems or set backs hold you back but allow them to push you forward.

Consider asking God to guide you and show you His best as you follow this week's Action Steps:
       Action Steps

  1. Allow your problems to motivate you. It's good at times to get mad at situations and stand up to them with an attitude that says I will win! 
  2. If things have gotten you down, then right now stand up to them and tell them you will not be defeated.
  3. Next, take positive action, do something. Where you start is no indication of where you will finish, but if you don't start, nothing will happen.  
These simple yet proven "Thought Transformers" will change your thinking which will change your life, if you let them... The "Thought Transformers" are not just ideas, they are the principles I follow in my daily life.

You are God's best! 

Dr. Rob Carman
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