Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just in time for Mother's Day: Bleubird Show Your Skin Challenge

       Bleubird Show Your Skin Challenge

In just 30 days you can see results in your skin. 
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·         Lavender Silk – Cleanse AM/PM
·         Cucumber Sage Mist – AM/PM
·         Pomegranate UV Daytime Protection - AM

To take the Bleubird Show Your Skin Challenge contact or email:

Annette Yanez 
512 567 3083       

Our mission is to help others improve the way they see themselves each day! Skin Organics products are simple to use with clean, active ingredients that are recognized for their ability to change the skin. Our natural products are beautifully designed and competitively priced to fit into everyone’s budget. We pride ourselves on our efforts to keep our products clean and environmentally friendly! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sugars and Snails: Follow me and my venture Bleubird

Sugars and Snails: Follow me and my venture Bleubird

Follow me and my venture Bleubird

If you have not checked out my store Bleubird I invite you to!

Here is some information about Bleubird:

Bleubird is trendsetting concept in beauty store providing high-end skincare products at affordable prices. I am proud to offer natural, clean, noncomedogenic skincare and makeup products for the natural look. All products are Gluten Free - Paraben Free - Vegan

Five Minute Friday: Hard Love

From  Gypsy Mama's blog with who I am linking up or should say trying something new.

  • Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s write in shades of real and true and unscripted.
  • Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not.

  • Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.


There is always this talk about real love or true love.  However love is love, a decision we take.  This love is to be ‘hard’ love as it will withstand time and everything that comes within the first day to the end. 
What do I mean? Well look at the definition

Hard =  Not easily penetrated, cut, or separated into parts; not yielding to pressure; firm; solid; compact and opposed to soft

That is the kind of love I want in my life, one that is not separated into parts or that yields to pressure.  How about having love that is firm and solid towards loving me?  Many times we have to give what we want in return but on this Good Friday we can just be who we are receiving the greatest Love ever.  By the Grace of God we have been given this kinda of hard love that resides within us so that we too can give to others.   Take a moment to not see the word hard as a gift for Jesus died for us so that He will never be separated from us!  If the pressure of the cross or death did not waiver Jesus in His love then know that nothing we do can make Him go soft in His love for us. Now that is hard love! 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wifey Wednesday: Why Marriage Matters

Why Marriage Matters
This topic has so many directions I can write on.  At this moment I can honestly say that marriage matters because I am married.  I am married and if marriage did not matter to me then the probability of my marriage lasting this long would have been almost zero.  Marriage has to matter when you are married because the ease of saying the ‘D’ word (divorce) would overtake the decision of love.

We live by our choices; we live by our decisions daily.  Decisions are not necessarily easy but there are always the easy options out in any situation.  In saying that marriage has to matter is saying  there is weight in daily decisions towards your spouse.  Love is a decision not a feeling and when we just try out our feelings then we can fall into the routine of taking those easy options out.  When something matters then it weighs heavily in your life.  Something that matters becomes important and worth having.  Something that matters becomes not only a want but almost a need so you defend and fight to protect. 

I would say that in marriage the word ‘matters’ should matter as we need to weigh it heavily, we need to make it important, we need to defend and protect our decision of love.  Let your marriage matter to us as we will find that living by that choice daily will ultimately strengthen our marriage.

Sneak Peek: Chalkboard frames first order complete

Very excited to complete my first order of chalkboard frames.  These can be customized to your space, style and need.  This is a preview and I will have better pictures posted soon....

So on my next steps I am working on some products as completing my website.  Finishing my application to be a vendor at Kyle Market Days on Saturday May 7th.  With that I am also finalizing my tax ID number....that my friend makes me a serious business owner!

I am going for this with trepidation and confidence. We discount ourselves so many times that I think once and while we should just take these steps of venture!

For more information and to purchase follow my store Bleubird at

Monday, April 18, 2011


As we were gardening this afternoon I was not my cool, keep it together self as I have been learning to be.  Kids seemed to just do everything that they could to test me while I was trying to let them be 'kids'.  Well we came to a clash leading to the point of looking within myself.  Parenting is serious business in that it challenges us! Should it not just be that it challenges the kids as we are trying to teach them?!

As I was clearing, raking and prepping the garden box for this spring’s vegetables I was amazed to see there were rocks still in the ground.  Despite these rocks making the soil not perfect condition for vegetables to grow we had tomatoes, carrots, rosemary and basil.  With our kids we found such delight in our homegrown produce that rocks were not even a thought.  Seeing how the soil was imperfect just made our vegetables more impressive because they flourished.  I know that what I have planted will have the same chance of growing and overcoming any rocks as we water and nurture our garden.

As I sit here in bed I cannot stop thinking of how despite the rocks we have within ourselves as parents our kids will grow to be exceptional.  I have said it many times that the most important thing to have in parenting is love.  Love is the water, the nutrient that will grow our children regardless of our shortcomings.  However, as I did today I removed some of these rocks that surfaced, so we must remove our rocks that surface in parenting.
In looking within to just admit that we need to adjust who we are yet again requires muscles, strength.  For me I receive that strength from God who said that in my weakness He would be strong.  Boy, do we ever become weak during times of parenting as we are constantly repeating simple instructions!  Let’s allow God’s love and acceptance for us grow you and me into the great parent He knows we are!  Sorry to say it but it is true and bears repeating, there are seasons that come and go.  In these seasons of gardening there is a stirring of soil as it is being prepared for the crop of that season giving opportunity to remove any rocks.  We go through seasons as well and have opportunities for removing rocks from our life too. Parenting then lends for us adults to really improve ourselves, challenge ourselves as ultimately we just want to be the best parent for our kids.... 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Opening a store step by step

Let me announce to you that I am venturing in opening my own store.  You can follow me at  

This is my first post:
Here I go taking one step at time in this venture that I am embarking.  Ultimately what is the goal? My family and the flexibility this dream can provide.  I am not naive therefore I know it will require work and dedication to not only have a business but own a store.  We hear so many people genuinely talk about how even though 'it might be a lot of work, I enjoy it' and that is what I am seeing before me.  Opportunity is before me so why not? I am being smart in how to start up thanks to my Mary Kay days where I was both successful and had lost.   Through each step I want to keep the experience written down so I can always look back and hopefully to encourage others to take a step towards their own dreams.

First steps I have taken so far:
  • Finding a name: This took a while as I was trying to be thoughtful and clever. Then I went to being sentimental as maybe using my grandmother's name. Eventually I had to step back and go in a different direction where I found Bleubird.  There is no real explanation in why this name other then it fit my desired design of natural.
  • Establishing my social network: Part of the name is also seeing if gmail was available or twitter account.  With Bleubird it was all there, no changing other then adding Moments.  Facebook is also on the list of networking. All this is important as in simple terms it is free advertising.
  • Purchase domain / website:  Domain name is done and bought.  Website is on the list to do so until then I am linking it to here.  From here you can email me to place an order but also read my venture...
Much to do and this is the start to something that was in me just not sure about.  I am excited and thrilled yet I am trying to not let it overtake my day so I leave you as I head out to the movies with my husband and kiddos.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twist of Dazzle Giveaway - A Bowl Full of Lemons


Fantastic Decor Item

What a neat giveaway of these fantastic crosses.  Even more interesting is the 2 women that create these and their blog that you can learn from.  I am not one to know exactly how-to so I enjoy being able to see  how others come through with their projects.  Nice. Really.

My youngest son

This is my youngest son whom I love so much, just as much as the others.  He is super sweet yet super independent.  With him we do not have to worry about babying him too much due to being the youngest.  He does not like to referred to or treated in way as a baby.  however he knows how reel us in for the extra attention when he wants.  Either way he is just funny and full of life.   He jumps around like nothing or he can sit and enjoy a good book, he runs from one corner to another or he wants to ride in our arms, he is just a boy that we love dearly.  Do not be fooled though when he talks to you in his tough big boy raspy voice and stance of a ninja, this snail is really full of sugar!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Monday after full weekend

Both my husband and I are exhausted from this past weekend!  We enjoyed ourselves to the max despite some bumps here and there.  Our weekend started the moment we drove into our driveway as we are part of the PTA Board which we were hosting Outdoor Family Movie Night.  What a great time that was to see all these families come over with blankets and chairs to be around the other families.  These moments are building our school’s community and that is something that I am proud to be a part of.

Saturday started early for me as I joined my friend in having a garage sale.  Sandwiched, squished in that my husband was taking the kids to Lowe’s workshop to build a pinball machine. This would be no big deal however we only have one car so I had to drive home to pick up to then be dropped off in order for them to get there on time!  From there once I got home we took kids to enjoy an afternoon out and about where we finally got the boys the bat-cave they have been talking about.  That thing entertained them enough for me to organize closets.  All in the meantime my husband washed and detailed our one minivan that gave me a couple more hours of bliss organizing. I could go on in saying what we did but here is recap: kids in bed by 8:30, husband finished at 9:00 as he cleaned the garage a bit, I cam back with some dinner for us love birds at 10:00 and after laundry we went to bed at 2:00am.  whew we are crazy!

Sunday routine was smooth and we made to church where I enjoyed the message and fellowship.  Pancake supper for lunch at my parents, shopping at my sister’s closet and then Nordstrom Rack filled our afternoon. In this time my husband got his hair cut and went to Sams as kids enjoyed being with my parents.  Bedtime routine was not bad which lead me to find some inner energy to organize my drawer under the sink…I will post a picture later. That gave me bliss so my closet was organized as well!  Finally in bed at midnight!

I said all that really with no purpose other then to say we had a full weekend.  :o

Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday: If you met me

From  Gypsy Mama's blog with who I am linking up or should say trying something new.

  • Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s write in shades of real and true and unscripted.
    • Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not.

    • Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word. 


    If you met me I would hope that is in the right setting so that we can take some time to get past the greetings.  I am quiet and reserved at first however I can come across a bit more outgoing as I just pull it out from within.   If you met me you would be meeting me as a whole and not just a part and save later.  I am warm person who really just like to make friends with whom to share this life that I love. In me being whole I would definitely tell you about my husband and our three kiddos who are under the age of 5.  This is always a great ice breaker because it seems to loosen up the conversation as I do not look like I am married yet alone have three kids.  From here I would also ask questions and try to get to know you as I like to connect with the person I am speaking with.  One way or another you hear me say something like "I read that book before it was on the big screen" or you might hear me say "I like to organizer", "I like to blog". At times though if there is no connection then I tend to go back into my shell.  I know that we are connecting already so I would invite you to either another get together or I would just make up a reason for us hang out.  I enjoy hanging out and talking. I enjoy laughing and interacting with friends.  In meeting me you would know that I am genuinely interested in others, that I like to learn and glean from those around me and to just share and be there for my friends.  For me it is true, I just want to have friends and to be a friend.


    That was fun, to write unscripted and honestly about myself.  The next time I meet a new friend I will have this in the back of my mind tugging at my heart to really ensure that the person leaves knowing me.

    Early morning ideas....

    Awake because I cannot sleep so why not do some blogging? I am considering doing the 21 day challenge from A Bowl of Lemons as I love to organize and be organized. The challenge is not so much doing it but blogging about it. However at the end of the day it would be nice to have it as an encouragement for me and possibly you that we can stay organized. Being organized for me is the way to go as in reality you can accomplish more and still have flexibility. Well as I wake up in the morning I will revisit this idea as my entire brain should be on....

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    Meet and Greet

    This is not me trying to be fashionably late or anything, I promise.  In this year that I have been blogging I have been trying to shape my blog to be tailored in a way that would be interesting for others to read.  So I have been reading blogs, learning and being inspired to just put my blog out there.   So I may be late but I am glad to at least gain experience and find new blog friends to join the ride with.

    Let me introduce you to myself…which by the way I think I am fantastic! Haha

    My motto for my blog which has really become my life is:
                       Simple. Inspired. Everyday Moments.

    Who am I:
    I am a woman that wants to enjoy life and take any opportunity that comes by the horns. I am bossy, determined and opinionated yet with a soft heart for people…ingredients for success.  

     I am wife to the most honest, integral men you will meet.  I am a mother of three children ages 5, 4 and 3…yes all under the age of 5!

    Something rousing:
    Besides my full time job and finishing my degree in Education I am a makeup examiner for  Funny thing is that I took this opportunity with really no experience and now I am learning as I am informing on how-to. 

    Excited to meet and glean from you....glad to know we are not alone! 

    Getting By

    As we were driving back home after a good day at work my husband says to me “we made it through Tuesday just 3 more days for the weekend”.  This statement had my wheels turning.  You know the question we have so often like ‘Wow!  Were in April already’ or ‘I cannot believe a whole year has passed’?

    It is true we made it through Tuesday workday and we look forward to Friday after work as that means we will have two full days together at home.  However when we rush our days with trying to get by to end of the week we find ourselves not enjoying every day.    My family and I are routine oriented with a schedule we pretty much live by since we first had Alex.  In having a schedule we can whiz by our days and not really take in the moments that are before us.  I believe and stand by having routine/schedules as you can really accomplish more and even have more time to be spontaneous.  

    So really in saying all that I am saying to us, let’s enjoy the day we are in.  When we embrace the day as a whole and not just a means to get to the next weekend or party we bring fulfillment into our life and when a year pass by or comment can be ‘A year has passed by and it was the best’!

    Psalm 118:24
    This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Fantastic Skin in a Year Challenge!

    For me, my facial skin has been a bit of an issue throughout the years as acne has been off and on my face.  In part of my teen years I was fortunate to see a dermatologist who helped keep my acne at bay.  Now I find myself with adult acne to due to the hormonal changes gearing up and peeking out to let me know I am hormonal….like I need a blemish to inform me of my hormonal state!  So as I have been trying products I also have been asking those I see with great skin. 

    In being an examiner I found my way to RAE Cosmetics where I meet not only Rochelle Rae but her team who all had in common fantastic skin.  RAE Cosmetics can bring this natural great skin however I was impressed with them saying that they highly recommend from their experience to use Skin Organics.  Their skin was so amazing I did not have to think twice before I bought the products.  Side note: I am also using RAE Cosmetics in this time because it seems like it just fits in with bringing me the desired look of great skin without being caked on with layers of ‘makeup’. 

    So many times I do get impatient with process of waiting for the products to work as the first clean out and stabilize the skin.  However I just have this trust with Skin Organics that I am not going to have to wait too long for results.  As a blogger that I am becoming I will blog on my daily/weekly findings….as I am seriously considering selling this product! 

    What product is this that I am throwing my face to?  What is this product that tells me "Be Ageless, Be Blemish Free"?  Skin Organics by Ann Webb is the one.  Just in reading this opening from the website should make you wonder with it true?

    I developed my passion for skin care at a young age when I faced my own struggles with severe cystic acne. I envisioned a product line that was affordable, simple to use, and contained the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available.  Ann Webb

    The previous product I was using was great and would even recommend it especially if you like holistic products.  In doing this swap I have enough credit to use this product for a year so that will be my challenge and final results due to report.  In the video on the website for Skin Organics there is a lady that says she had bad acne when she started 3 years ago…let her be my motivation!

    Here is the skin regiment I will be following for the next year:
    Ann Webb created this product to follow 4 simple steps

    1. Cleanse Peppermint Milk - Hydrating Cleanser  AM/PM
    2. Exfoliate Lavender Silk - Face and Body Scrub  AM/PM
    3. Mist Cucumber Sage - Balancing Mist AM/PM
    4. Protect Pomegranate - Daytime Protection  AM
    • Repair
           Goji Azelaic - Exfoliating Serum  PM

    I know I will just have to write on how they feel once I get to wash my face tonight….if I could I would have just washed my face in the office bathroom!