Saturday, April 16, 2011

Opening a store step by step

Let me announce to you that I am venturing in opening my own store.  You can follow me at  

This is my first post:
Here I go taking one step at time in this venture that I am embarking.  Ultimately what is the goal? My family and the flexibility this dream can provide.  I am not naive therefore I know it will require work and dedication to not only have a business but own a store.  We hear so many people genuinely talk about how even though 'it might be a lot of work, I enjoy it' and that is what I am seeing before me.  Opportunity is before me so why not? I am being smart in how to start up thanks to my Mary Kay days where I was both successful and had lost.   Through each step I want to keep the experience written down so I can always look back and hopefully to encourage others to take a step towards their own dreams.

First steps I have taken so far:
  • Finding a name: This took a while as I was trying to be thoughtful and clever. Then I went to being sentimental as maybe using my grandmother's name. Eventually I had to step back and go in a different direction where I found Bleubird.  There is no real explanation in why this name other then it fit my desired design of natural.
  • Establishing my social network: Part of the name is also seeing if gmail was available or twitter account.  With Bleubird it was all there, no changing other then adding Moments.  Facebook is also on the list of networking. All this is important as in simple terms it is free advertising.
  • Purchase domain / website:  Domain name is done and bought.  Website is on the list to do so until then I am linking it to here.  From here you can email me to place an order but also read my venture...
Much to do and this is the start to something that was in me just not sure about.  I am excited and thrilled yet I am trying to not let it overtake my day so I leave you as I head out to the movies with my husband and kiddos.