Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wifey Wednesday: Why Marriage Matters

Why Marriage Matters
This topic has so many directions I can write on.  At this moment I can honestly say that marriage matters because I am married.  I am married and if marriage did not matter to me then the probability of my marriage lasting this long would have been almost zero.  Marriage has to matter when you are married because the ease of saying the ‘D’ word (divorce) would overtake the decision of love.

We live by our choices; we live by our decisions daily.  Decisions are not necessarily easy but there are always the easy options out in any situation.  In saying that marriage has to matter is saying  there is weight in daily decisions towards your spouse.  Love is a decision not a feeling and when we just try out our feelings then we can fall into the routine of taking those easy options out.  When something matters then it weighs heavily in your life.  Something that matters becomes important and worth having.  Something that matters becomes not only a want but almost a need so you defend and fight to protect. 

I would say that in marriage the word ‘matters’ should matter as we need to weigh it heavily, we need to make it important, we need to defend and protect our decision of love.  Let your marriage matter to us as we will find that living by that choice daily will ultimately strengthen our marriage.

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  1. So true - if we're married, marriage needs to matter. Taking that concept one step further...I was at a conference last weekend and we were reminded that "if it matters to your spouse, it needs to matter to you." That was a good one for me; got me thinking about how I ought to try a bit harder to care about what's happening when the hockey game is on. ;)