Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Monday after full weekend

Both my husband and I are exhausted from this past weekend!  We enjoyed ourselves to the max despite some bumps here and there.  Our weekend started the moment we drove into our driveway as we are part of the PTA Board which we were hosting Outdoor Family Movie Night.  What a great time that was to see all these families come over with blankets and chairs to be around the other families.  These moments are building our school’s community and that is something that I am proud to be a part of.

Saturday started early for me as I joined my friend in having a garage sale.  Sandwiched, squished in that my husband was taking the kids to Lowe’s workshop to build a pinball machine. This would be no big deal however we only have one car so I had to drive home to pick up to then be dropped off in order for them to get there on time!  From there once I got home we took kids to enjoy an afternoon out and about where we finally got the boys the bat-cave they have been talking about.  That thing entertained them enough for me to organize closets.  All in the meantime my husband washed and detailed our one minivan that gave me a couple more hours of bliss organizing. I could go on in saying what we did but here is recap: kids in bed by 8:30, husband finished at 9:00 as he cleaned the garage a bit, I cam back with some dinner for us love birds at 10:00 and after laundry we went to bed at 2:00am.  whew we are crazy!

Sunday routine was smooth and we made to church where I enjoyed the message and fellowship.  Pancake supper for lunch at my parents, shopping at my sister’s closet and then Nordstrom Rack filled our afternoon. In this time my husband got his hair cut and went to Sams as kids enjoyed being with my parents.  Bedtime routine was not bad which lead me to find some inner energy to organize my drawer under the sink…I will post a picture later. That gave me bliss so my closet was organized as well!  Finally in bed at midnight!

I said all that really with no purpose other then to say we had a full weekend.  :o


  1. Youy week end has been so intense!
    Can I ask something? :)
    Are you catholic? I am, I live in Italy and here everyone is catholic... I mean, almost everyone.. I'm just curious!
    Great blog, I love it.. most of all, I love your "about me" ... :)

  2. I am not catholic but more then religion I believe it is about relationship with God. If you have any questions please ask me as I know that we are going through life learning so why not together? :o