Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Believe

It is such a simple idea right? Yet it seems to be the hardest.  Why is that?  I think it is because it so personal.  It is stepping out and letting every one know what it is that you deeply believe in your heart to do.

But then as the decision rolls in your heart and mind you start to sift through the doubts.  If you take the step and fail then everyone knows. More then that it is the deeper issue of being scared to be vulnerable. Vulnerable not with failure necessarily but with our heart.  Does our decision, our dream, that thing we want to accomplish, will it be what others think is right?   So many of us operate from a concern of being perceived a certain way so we guard ourselves and struggle with 'what do I want to do with my life'.

Believe in that small still voice that is speaking to you. Believe in that tiny nudge that is felt so strongly yet seems to be unattainable. Believe that the Holy Spirit is talking to you. Believe. That is the first decision we must start with, just Believe.

If you do not believe in yourself then believe in that voice that is speaking to you. Hold strong and let it take over your thoughts. Tell yourself out loud what the Holy Spirit is nudging in you.  Make the decision today to Believe that God has given you that voice inside to listen.

So right at this moment we must listen and believe in our decision to try because in God we can do anything! God has a purpose for you and it is speaking to you.  Let's Believe, it will make all other steps towards our  accomplishment, our heart's dream come to life.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rocky Balboa Inspiration

Rocky has quickly become a staple in our household since my husband introduced him to my kids three weeks ago.  At first I was opposed to it thinking that it was an adult movie.  But then again I remember watching Rocky with my dad when I was around the same age as my oldest.  Either way my kids loved Rocky and have pronounced him as the greatest hero ever.

I have to admit that I love to see the kids play boxing matches taking turns losing. I mean there is a winner but they seem to enjoy being the one on the floor. There is something about this older movie that has inspired my kids. That has inspired me.  Inspiration is great, especially if we grab it, throw it over our shoulders and get up! I think we could call inspiration Faith. Have faith today that you can do anything. Grab that promise, hold that promise, attack with that promise and get moving…..

SOOO with that here are some quotes that hopefully inspire you today:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites: Tidbits

One of my favorite things to do is write down quotes or tidbits that I find inspirational.  I have them in several journals with the purpose of using them to inspire some one I am talking with.  I picture myself pulling out the these lines during a message I might be giving.  A lot of times however I just have them written down and keep them stored away.

The last couple of weeks I began to collect some new ones so rather then storing them away I want to share them on this chilly wonderful Friday.

One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn't fall apart.
Linda Poindexter

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Phyllis Diller

God does not expect us to come in perfection. He wants us just the way we are.
Wendy Treat  (#shoeswisely)

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't I give myself reasons why I CAN.

Safest place to be is in the middle of God's will.
Audrey Hancock

Sometimes we can find inspiration in our twitter feed. Here is one from twitter that is my motto for the next few days:

Strive for progress, not perfection.  @women_fit 
Enjoy this Friday knowing that there is inspiration all around us.  God's love is bigger then anything we might be facing, He surrounds us with no escape!

Happy Friday

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

I have avoided doing Throw Back Thursday even though I enjoy seeing everyone else's.  There is something vulnerable about TBT, I feel, to post pictures of those years that I was trying to figure out a  brush and how to look decent.  So instead of showing the dog days of my teen years I will start with a favorite one of me when I was like 7.

I can see my daughter in this picture.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Normal, trying to be a healthy foodie.

So often as I sit at my dinner table with the family I wonder about all the 'healthy lifestyle' choices that are at our finger tips.  As a parent my heart's desire is to make the best choices possible for the growing wiggly bodies in front of me.  As a wife I want to ensure that I am nurturing my husband as we look to keeping our bodies strong.  For myself I am trying to attain a healthy lean strong body before I turn 40...which is several years away *cough*

I love reading, watching and/or talking about being healthy.  But I do find myself wondering how I am going to do this.  Our eating habits have evolved so much in the past three years and I am proud of it.  It all started with seeing and understanding what processed foods really are. From there we began to understand eating more plant based.  Now we are adding in clean eating and staying away from white flour and sugar.  You know you have read and heard the words 'poison, poison, your eating poison'.  

It is hard, huh?  What is true? What is poison?  What about macronutrients? Or  eating alkaline foods? You believe in something and you can easily  find support research online.  Every side is right.  How to decipher? I am just a normal person who enjoys food and knows that we need to fuel our bodies to survive.  That is why I have pushed through and tried to make all this normal.  As we have taken baby steps towards healthy living I can actually see that we are becoming those strange people.

My husband is at the verge of resembling a vegetarian! Who would have thought?! Not me, never.  What have we done to ourselves that we rarely eat at a chain restaurant?  All I know is that we strive to find balance in all the informatuon that is thrown at us. We cannot be extreme for reasons as money or I do not know how to cook raw.  But more importantly because we are normal and want these lifestyles to be normal in our life. How do you build a house? Brick by brick. 

So if you are out there trying to make sense of all the foodie hype let me encourage you that you can find your way. It is not about elimanting everything but adding.  If you eat two cookies a day just add an apple as well. Then one day the apple will take the place of two cookies and you will see yourself healthier. No pressure, do what is best for your family.  God is our creator and through prayer you can grow in your eating habits.  Let the Holy Spirit direct you in which 'diet' to start with. I have taken bits from plant-based diet, bits from gluten-free diet, bits from clean eating and bits from enjoying a good burger from time to time. I am not there yet but I am not where I started. So with God's help let's relax as we become normal health junkies!

What do you say?

Friday, April 26, 2013

You say....God says....

I saw this floating around social media and thought it was great!  I have a sheet with tons of confessions  but this is pocket size.  It kinda narrows down to comments we make through out conversations.

Feel encouraged that God responds to the things we say. He is with us, side by side telling us we can do it!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Plates


Saturday morning my daughter and I stayed home while the boys went to Lowe's for a project.  As we sat at the table eating our breakfast we watched Project Runway.  This was the first time she saw it and I pointed out how they sketch out a dress.  We grabbed some paper and tried to 'create a design'.  I am no where near being able to draw but some how my daughter was able to vision the shirt and added flowers or sparkles to make it her own.  This moment reminded me of how much I enjoyed playing with Fashion Plates, an 80's toy.  
My daughter calls herself an artist so I thought I need to get this for her.  Do they even sell them? I am sure Amazon would have them, right? I started to get a bit nostalgic with my own childhood.  This would entertain me but I do not remember thinking "I want to design clothes".  My sisters and I enjoy clothes and try to be fashionable.  We have gone through several styles and attempts with fail...and success I think.  

All this rambling is stemming from the thought, did my sisters ever play with this toy? I do not know.  So my homework for today is to send out question through our group text to find out!