Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration

I am still enjoying my weekend in which I celebrated my birthday the entire time.  My husband and I make a big fuss over the kids birthdays wanting them to know how special it is that they were born!  I felt special through out the weekend and thankful for my life, thankful for the family and friends that I have. Something in me was motivated to live this year a bit more ‘free’ enjoying everyday.  I believe that is an awesome gift to receive through the love showed to me during the weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The cheapest amount spent in Starbucks!

Yes, that is correct $.32! If you just ask for the tea bag with no cup or hot water that is all you pay….needless to say I will be enjoying tea more often from Starbucks at my desk!

Day 5 of a 21 Day Fast

Noah has been going through this stage where he wakes up thinking he can sleep with us.   We went through this with the other two but Noah is determined to get his way into our bed.  He says he is scared and I think that maybe at one point he was but now it is more in his mind. We have been confessing that love cast out all fear so there is no room to use that word ‘scared’.

He reminded me of myself when I was younger battling with fear at night and how my parents did the best they could do with me. As I was reminded of myself I remembered that when my parents got a bit irritated, oh how do I understand them completely, it only made me feel a bit more anxious.  In telling this to my wonderful husband I felt that we should love on him even more. That night I held him in my arms on his bedside while fell asleep, very sweet moment! Unfortunately last night was the 8th night in a row that he continues to wake up.

I have prayed strongly with him but last night I knew that this a battle that I could go ahead and defeat now for all 3 kids once and for all!  In this time of fasting I want to be sensible to hear what God has in store for the kids.  Parenting is not easy as it does not come with instructions rather we learn in the moment. One thing we have is the answer in God as He created our kids, He knows them since before birth. We can have the promise that God gives us sweet sleep and undisturbed composure, that are sleep is prosperous!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4 of a 21 Day Fast

Tea please
Tea is what I am drinking these mornings as I have laid aside coffee for this time.  There has been something about this simple moment I have been having when I take my first sip of Chai tea.  As I was holding my cup in my hands enjoying the aroma I was reminded of the word perspective.   As we take time in fasting giving ourselves to being more sensitive, more aware to hearing what God speaks daily to us, we can obtain a new perspective.  In these moments of tea my perspective has already shifted.  I know we can trust God’s promise of always giving us a new perspective that leads us to open doors….doors of blessings!
So yes let me say it again, tea please!

21 Day Fast

This will be my second year to give January to a fast.  One big result that I am still enjoying is my friendship with Kacey Stokes as fasting together brought us close.   I have hesitated in blogging about this as I am not looking for attention to what many could see as ‘doing good’ or ‘just joining the crowd’.  However I am looking at blogging for myself giving me some accountability and the possibility of being an encouragement to others.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." -C.S. Lewis

Baby Sopita

Let me introduce you to one of our members of our family.  Baby Sopita! She belongs to Delisa Nicole who despite any efforts we have had will not trade her for a new doll; would never want another doll as she has grown on us.

Baby Sopita has this incredible voice that is a bit high pitch with still this short raspy voice much like Delisa Nicole’s. She enjoys when Delisa takes her in the stroller to drop off Alex at school at 7:15, going in the car in her car seat or just riding in her seat that is on Delisa’s bike.  One thing is that she does not seem to care much for clothes but it could be a doll thing that we humans do not understand.  So we have bought her a small wardrobe of clothes that she can put on herself as she pleases. As for Delisa she seems to understand her clearly, so regardless of where we all might be she does not mind that Baby Sopita is naked.

The love that we see for Baby Sopita is sweet and pure.  The way a child loves is so simple and fulfilling that I long to be simplistic like that. In this simplicity where I let myself look past clothes and see those around me naked for who they are.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My favorite New Year's picture! Noah after waking up and coming downstairs to join the continuous New Year celebration.

Monday, Monday (Wish It Was Sunday)

Even in the New Year Mondays are still the days I wish Sundays were like 36 hours rather than the regular 24 hours!  However this Monday is in the New Year, open for good things to be set into motion.  
We all take time to think of resolutions we want to make or things we want to see happen.  In this New Year for me I already know that I have good days set before me.  A life set before me that I love as it is filled with God’s goodness and the fullness of His life that we can walk in! What better resolution can there be when I can say “I see good days ahead of me, I love my life!”

A list you ask? Well here are a few thoughts:

  • My patience with the kids…. I could probably say soo much more on this but will leave for later
  • My goal weight or more like staying at the weight that I am
  • Learning more yummy good for you recipes
  • My patience towards the kids….yea,  I said that but you know give me an extra dose in case haha 
  • Blogging
  • Misc ….code for private ;)

In honesty, I am going to be taking a good chunk of January to really pray, consider and list down my resolutions.   I am ready for this year and to share the memories that I will be looking back at sometime in December saying “what a great year 2011 was!”  The memories that I will cherish forever as it will be with my sugars and snails, the family that I love so dearly!

Happy New Year!