Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Sopita

Let me introduce you to one of our members of our family.  Baby Sopita! She belongs to Delisa Nicole who despite any efforts we have had will not trade her for a new doll; would never want another doll as she has grown on us.

Baby Sopita has this incredible voice that is a bit high pitch with still this short raspy voice much like Delisa Nicole’s. She enjoys when Delisa takes her in the stroller to drop off Alex at school at 7:15, going in the car in her car seat or just riding in her seat that is on Delisa’s bike.  One thing is that she does not seem to care much for clothes but it could be a doll thing that we humans do not understand.  So we have bought her a small wardrobe of clothes that she can put on herself as she pleases. As for Delisa she seems to understand her clearly, so regardless of where we all might be she does not mind that Baby Sopita is naked.

The love that we see for Baby Sopita is sweet and pure.  The way a child loves is so simple and fulfilling that I long to be simplistic like that. In this simplicity where I let myself look past clothes and see those around me naked for who they are.

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