Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 5 of a 21 Day Fast

Noah has been going through this stage where he wakes up thinking he can sleep with us.   We went through this with the other two but Noah is determined to get his way into our bed.  He says he is scared and I think that maybe at one point he was but now it is more in his mind. We have been confessing that love cast out all fear so there is no room to use that word ‘scared’.

He reminded me of myself when I was younger battling with fear at night and how my parents did the best they could do with me. As I was reminded of myself I remembered that when my parents got a bit irritated, oh how do I understand them completely, it only made me feel a bit more anxious.  In telling this to my wonderful husband I felt that we should love on him even more. That night I held him in my arms on his bedside while fell asleep, very sweet moment! Unfortunately last night was the 8th night in a row that he continues to wake up.

I have prayed strongly with him but last night I knew that this a battle that I could go ahead and defeat now for all 3 kids once and for all!  In this time of fasting I want to be sensible to hear what God has in store for the kids.  Parenting is not easy as it does not come with instructions rather we learn in the moment. One thing we have is the answer in God as He created our kids, He knows them since before birth. We can have the promise that God gives us sweet sleep and undisturbed composure, that are sleep is prosperous!

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