Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, Monday (Wish It Was Sunday)

Even in the New Year Mondays are still the days I wish Sundays were like 36 hours rather than the regular 24 hours!  However this Monday is in the New Year, open for good things to be set into motion.  
We all take time to think of resolutions we want to make or things we want to see happen.  In this New Year for me I already know that I have good days set before me.  A life set before me that I love as it is filled with God’s goodness and the fullness of His life that we can walk in! What better resolution can there be when I can say “I see good days ahead of me, I love my life!”

A list you ask? Well here are a few thoughts:

  • My patience with the kids…. I could probably say soo much more on this but will leave for later
  • My goal weight or more like staying at the weight that I am
  • Learning more yummy good for you recipes
  • My patience towards the kids….yea,  I said that but you know give me an extra dose in case haha 
  • Blogging
  • Misc ….code for private ;)

In honesty, I am going to be taking a good chunk of January to really pray, consider and list down my resolutions.   I am ready for this year and to share the memories that I will be looking back at sometime in December saying “what a great year 2011 was!”  The memories that I will cherish forever as it will be with my sugars and snails, the family that I love so dearly!

Happy New Year!

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