Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas at my desk

Here is a picture of my desk Christmas lights that my one and only Mr. IT gave me.  Please notice that in reality it is a USB cord with lights that hook up to your computer! Yes, now you can see why I say we are the IT Crowd!  ***confession: I am enjoying my lights and even feel a bit special as no one else has some like these***

These are the moments that bring such a warmth to my heart reminding me of how much I love my husband! The ways that he thinks of me even if they are techy or nerdy…they are ways that make me know that I am IT to him!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I am a reader. Am I a great reader with some kinda of talent to pick up a read that will inspire you, challenge you, guide you or whatever? No, not really.  In the past year I have discovered that melancholy books are my favorite! Reading to me is like when someone says they love movies.  I am not a true critic so I read just for a good story that requires little mind work.  Why am I writing about reading and feeling like I am rambling?? Well because I got a new book this week and just ordered a new book 2 minutes ago! I think I have enough reading for the holidays.  I still have my school reading to do and everything else I am required to do but somehow I always find time to read!!!

Dinner Time

Dinner time is such an important time of the day. Funny though how kids are their fussiest at the end of the day or that you should eat the least calories at night. However when I find myself at the table with my husband and kids there are sweet moments that melt my day away. Despite it all I challenge you to make time to seat at the table and enjoy some simple sweet moments…..