Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Morning

I was talking the other day with a friend on how we both expected our kids to wake up Christmas morning rushing to the presents.  Even though we kissed them good night reminding them that they could open presents in the morning they woke up and jumped in bed with us just full of love. Its like they wake up forgetting the day before, the past only to embrace the new day with love.  I think this is a childlike attitude that Jesus mentions we should have.  How much more should we wake up embracing God's love to face a new day? 

I want to strive to focus every morning only on the  love and grace of God seeing a good day ahead of me as these are His continual gifts to us everyday.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am proud of myself!

This morning when I arrived at my desk there were 3 gifts waiting for me....well they were for my kids.  I was so touched by the kindness because it went beyond giving a gift for Christmas but really taking the time to give to my family, my family that I hold in such high regard.  I am proud to know that when a person thinks of me they know my family is important to me.  I am proud to know this about myself as many times I am faced with my selfishness but this morning when I saw the gifts for the kids I could have not received a better gift for myself!  What a great place to be when you can say that you are proud of yourself.........

Monday, December 21, 2009

Not sure what to blog about

For some reason I am wanting to blog but not sure what to post for you to read. Should I write on my own thoughts? or what about parenting? How about inspirational thoughts on God? What comes to mind is the old expression 'let me share from my heart'. I am going to write and see what comes out of my heart as I am full of God's love in my everyday life. Do I always walk out this love, no, but it is there regardless because of God's grace! Am I great person, far from it I am still pretty selfish at times (and my husband can vouch for that haha) and need to grow up but once again love is still there because of God's grace! So as you read know that I am working and growing in life just as you might be too.

Here is to trying new ideas......