Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am proud of myself!

This morning when I arrived at my desk there were 3 gifts waiting for me....well they were for my kids.  I was so touched by the kindness because it went beyond giving a gift for Christmas but really taking the time to give to my family, my family that I hold in such high regard.  I am proud to know that when a person thinks of me they know my family is important to me.  I am proud to know this about myself as many times I am faced with my selfishness but this morning when I saw the gifts for the kids I could have not received a better gift for myself!  What a great place to be when you can say that you are proud of yourself.........

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  1. That is awesome! And it is great to know that people understand how important family is. Tonight at church someone gave Jessy a dollar and she was just so happy about that! THAT, made me happy, and happy for her. She is blessed.