Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Plates


Saturday morning my daughter and I stayed home while the boys went to Lowe's for a project.  As we sat at the table eating our breakfast we watched Project Runway.  This was the first time she saw it and I pointed out how they sketch out a dress.  We grabbed some paper and tried to 'create a design'.  I am no where near being able to draw but some how my daughter was able to vision the shirt and added flowers or sparkles to make it her own.  This moment reminded me of how much I enjoyed playing with Fashion Plates, an 80's toy.  
My daughter calls herself an artist so I thought I need to get this for her.  Do they even sell them? I am sure Amazon would have them, right? I started to get a bit nostalgic with my own childhood.  This would entertain me but I do not remember thinking "I want to design clothes".  My sisters and I enjoy clothes and try to be fashionable.  We have gone through several styles and attempts with fail...and success I think.  

All this rambling is stemming from the thought, did my sisters ever play with this toy? I do not know.  So my homework for today is to send out question through our group text to find out!

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