Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Thought Transformer

I have the privilege to share with you every Tuesday the encouraging ministry of Dr. Rob Carman.  Both Dr. Rob and Mrs. Ginger have influenced my life through inspiration, courage and encouragement to know that I can do anything with God. 

Here is a glimpse of their ministry: Victory World Missions was founded by Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman, for the purpose of taking almost three decades of their life and depositing them into national pastors and church leaders. Their heart remains the same; "Our Vision is the World, Our Passion is Souls!" for more information

Without a doubt I know that you will also be influenced to know that you can do anything.....
The Great Paradox

All of us have one thing in common, the desire to have energy and vitality, to not only meet the responsibilities of life, but to meet them with excitement and a sense of adventure!

We all want to live on a higher level physically, mentally and spiritually.  We want to enjoy life and everyday living. There are two ingredients necessary for this to happen and those are joy and enthusiasm.

Joy and enthusiasm are a great paradox, because they can grow in any soil and live under any condition.  They defy the environment.  They come from within not from without. They are not the result of having, but of being.  Not of possessing, but of enjoying. They are a paradox, because they can coexist with trails, tragedy and poverty.  A martyr at the stake can be the envy of a king on the throne  

Look at the tremendous physical effects they have on us.  A well quoted scripture found in Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart does good like medicine" can be and has been proven scientifically.  Norman Cousins was a man who had a rare disease of the connective tissue and was given one chance in five hundred of a full recovery.  Cousins took Proverbs 17:22 and filled his life with joy and enthusiasm.  He concluded in his book, Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by a Patient, that if negative emotions cause negative results, why can't positive emotions bring the opposite. Cousins than asked himself. "Is it possible that love, faith, laughter, confidence and the will to live can have therapeutic value?  They did and he went on to live into his nineties.

Consider asking God to guide you and show you His best as you follow this week's Action Steps:
 Action Steps   
  1. Begin today to look for all the good, the beauty, and the wonders of God.
  2. Fill your life with the positive thoughts that come from God's word, go through the sayings of Jesus and allow them to create a picture in your mind.
  3. Remember joy and enthusiasm are a great paradox!  Let them live in you in spite of the conditions around you.     
These simple yet proven "Thought Transformers" will change your thinking which will change your life, if you let them... The "Thought Transformers" are not just ideas, they are the principles I follow in my daily life. - Dr. Rob Carman

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