Thursday, September 8, 2011

Divine Couch Connections

This statement stood out to me this morning from twitter: 

Parent thought: Have people over to your home-show friendship.

 My husband and I from day one in our marriage have lived by this...opening our home for people to come hang out.  Some of strongest friendships that we have were built sitting on our couch.  We love inviting people over for some food but really for the relationship.  I do think that this is a fantastic parent thought, as our kids learn how to become friends by how we are friends. 
What do they see in our relationships?  More than anything they should see that we love, respect and cherish those around us.  It was easy for Alex to understand when we told him that he had to be friends with each classmate.  He sees the example of Bobby being a friend those around him…it’s just what is done in our family.  Furthermore as we invite friends over they learn to meet new people too adding to how to have good manners.  

At this time in our life we are connecting to new friends in our church with expectation.  We know the blessings and the strength that friendships can bring.  Throughout the Bible we can see the importance of reaching out to each others through building family.  We are His family living life so why not do it together?  The buzz word we continue to hear is to really take relationships to a new level, to be intentional with each of our friendships.  

 So do not take it lightly to invite friends and potential friends over for a meal.  There is so much that can come from sitting at home on your couch…let us pray for divine connections right from our couch!

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