Monday, December 6, 2010


I never have given myself credit for having my hands full with 3 little kids.  Not just any 3 little kids who are spaced out in age but 3 little kids that are about a year apart!  Yes, a year apart!  Here let me make my point a bit stronger by listing out the years I had them: 2005, 2006 and 2007.  If that is not strong enough how about their age: 5,4 and 3!  So yes, 3 little ones in 3 years!   

When we are out or meeting new people they always acknowledge the fact how close the kids are and how busy we must be with just them.  Maybe now that I am finally recovering from my pregnancies I am not so delusional so I am understanding that statement.  Humor me as I am coming to terms, please…. just for a moment though imagine your youngest one and multiply  that by 3.  Imagine the wiggly, the test  of boundaries, the  fussiness, the questions, the anything your kid does.  Picture the one child jumping of the coach, you repeating yourself for the second time to  not jump again as they are mid-air jumping.  Can you even imagine 3 kids one by one jumping off the coach and really you have no chance in telling them to stop as they are too quick for your words!  I do not even have to go into bedtime with 3 kids doing the wave as they get up to “use the bathroom”….you get the picture.

So From now on I am no longer responding with my usual of saying “oh not really they are great kids”,  which they are.  I will be bold in saying “you bet I am busy!” I am  busy with triple the amount of hugs, triple the amount of kisses, triple the amount of giggles, triple the amount of love!  How could my heart not be full?

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