Friday, December 3, 2010


In my quest for blogging I have been going to random blogs for inspiration or to see the possibilities.   That is how I came a across a post about Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin.
In this jammed packed blog I found some neat blogging tips.  Right away I went to the one on how to find your writing voice because trust me I know where and how to use my speaking voice!
This post claims that the answer is simple….  “You give them something they can’t get anywhere else; you give them…you.” Wow that is kinda scary as I must then grab my courage up by the straps and believe that I will become your favorite blogger.  In my first step as an assertive blogger I will take their advice and apply it to my upcoming posts…
Your blog is a compilation of everything you are: your experiences, hopes, dreams, thoughts, values.  All of this is wrapped into a neat little package every time you hit publish.
Therefore since I will be presenting myself to you in a neat little package every time I hit publish I am warning you that what you read is me and only me!  In my honest upfront opinion I am great so this blog has only way to go and that is to succeed….

Let the unwrapping begin!

ps - this has brought inspiration to change my title to "Neat Little Package"

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