Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parenting Thoughts....

I just love my kids perception of life. The simplicity and clarity of how they see things is touching to me.   The innocence of their perception is something that challenges me in who I am.   So many times I am flabbergasted at how I realize that I need to change after a conversation with my 4 year old, worse when it is with my 3 year old!  Am I  not the adult, the parent?  Is this why many times it is hard to be a mom? Is it because our flaws become apparent in such a loving subtle way.  In a way that only ourselves know therefore leading us to change from within?  Funny thing is that my kids have no idea their influence on me…which is where, me as the parent still has control! Haha   

In this endeavor of being a parent I am loving some of the changes in me, the betterment of who I am.  I could allow myself to be lost in the frustration which believe me I was/am!  Thankfully that is where my husband steps in and pulls me up…sometimes it is more like a jolt in my being but once my emotions settle down I see how much I need that.  As the mom that is where I have the opportunity to make the right decision for myself and for my family as it can be true “if mom is not happy then no one is”.   In being a happy mom though it is not about being selfish either it is about being the woman God called us to be within the safety of our family.  So in conclusion my kids innocent perception of life is a blessing that I cherish and hold dear in my heart!

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