Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorites: Workout

I have been so motivated to workout.  It is like a high and I am not wanting to come down from it.  January is the month to set goals and keep them....until we get distracted.  So far I have found a rhythm to keep up with working out an hour and half Tuesday - Saturday.   I see that I am progressing, that I am making this a part of my life.

This is not the first time in my life that working out was a part of it.  The difference that I am making though is the motivation behind it.  I have gone through eating disorders and the effects that it had in my life. Honestly that it still tries to have. It can creep up now that I am bringing focus to a better healthier body. 

But my heart is motivated to care for my body so that my family will have the example.  To care for my body because it is a temple for the Holy Spirit.  To care for it because there is so much before my husband and I to make a difference in our community.  Why not stand strong?

Here are some of my favorite workout activities:

     I do this workout twice a week after an interval walk or 2 mile run

    I do three of these to create a full hour workout.

    I do this twice a week for a good cardio workout.

4. Interval walking around my neighborhood
    5 days a week

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