Friday, March 25, 2011


 As we approach the weekend I wanted to share another inspiring note from my friend Kristi Johnson:

“I wish…” a phrase that should be eliminated from our vocabulary. I wish I could go back, do over, start again, make different.   I wish I was more like them, could do that, had this, knew them.  What  good does wishing really do? It changes nothing.  It is not progress.  One can wish all day in exactly the same place, never moving forward, and it doesn’t make a bit of difference.  Does wishing you could go back, change the clock?  The real question is what do you do with that wish? Is that thing you wish worth the fight?  Will you put any effort into actually getting that thing you want?  Is the trait you see in yourself worth changing? Is the regret you wish you could change worth putting behind you?  I wish… what’s the point of that?  STOP WISHING!  Stop wasting time on wishes and get up and DO!  Change what needs to be changed. Fight for the things that are worth it.  Every second you spend on a wish could be put toward an action that will move you closer to actually having what you wish for…

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