Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping it simple

We spent the day at home yesterday just enjoying our house.   From the moment we woke up there was laughter in the air that brought such warmth to my heart.   

As I started breakfast and cleaning the house I began to ponder on being a mom, a mom to 3 kids a year apart.  In the last few weeks I really have been trying to pick my reactions based on what is more important.  To me a clean picked up house is vital so when you walk in my house it is rare that it will be a complete mess yet I go around saying that it is a mess when I see a sock on the floor.  Maybe I am exaggerating on going around in such a tiffy over a sock a bit but not by much so.  I ponder on what I hear so many times from women who have already gone through this saying to just relax and enjoy because kids grow up too fast.   I applied that thought to the day and took deep breaths and by the time I went to bed my house was clean but more importantly I did not get all worked up. I enjoyed my day, my kids enjoyed the day and my husband enjoyed the day.  That my dear friends, is the best feeling to know that we enjoyed the day that the Lord gave us, we rejoiced with each other and family and friends that came over.   

Let the sock sit there on the floor as you hug your little one, read to your little one, cook for your family or just sit on the couch surround by love!  My motto these days is ‘Keep it Simple’ as in reality it is the small simple moments that serve as blocks that we build memories on.  

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