Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just you and me

Tonight my husband and I are having an evening to ourselves.  I know, how did that happen!  My mom is off this week so she invited the kids to spend the night and luckily my sister will be with her too.  Having a night free to do what we want my husband quickly suggested dinner and a movie which I love to do.  However all morning I just want us to go home and enjoy the stillness of our house.  I truly just want to sit next to my husband and do nothing.  I woke yesterday with such a burst of love for him that I cannot get enough of seeing him. 
More than likely we will go see a movie and it will be better as it is good for us to get out of the house as well.  Many times I ponder on the book “The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparks as there is the conversation in the beginning on how the husband and wife grew apart in midst of the kids.  My determination in my marriage with young kids is to not to allow our relationship to get lost but that our relationship grows.  There is a difference between being together and involved as a family with the kids and having a relationship with your spouse.  We take time to carry conversations that have nothing to do with the kids or work but on things like new foods we like.   How about a 10 minute conversation on new ideas, new interests that we may have. 
As the kids grow so do we as parents evolving us as well as a person.  Change is not bad especially when the person you love is there every step of the way.  That is where I ponder on many times as I know that I am not the same person I was when I was dating, I mean I am but I am not.  Can be so confusing however we change without the person next us waking up one morning saying ‘how are you, have you changed overnight?’   I know that this burst of love that I am having is because we are changing and I am in love with every part of my husband even if he has changed a bit.  I burst with love for him because he is next to me in everything that I am.  God placed us together because He did not want anyone to be alone.  God placed us together so that we can continue to strengthen each other in dreams, vision for the life and plans that God gave us.  What is constant and never changing is that we are together regardless of what is moving around us.  Like it was said last night in advice for The Bachelor (yes, don’t judge haha) you just have to look at each other in the eye and know that it is ‘just you and me’ right here.

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