Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Simple Life

When you first hear about still pinning clothes on a clothes line to dry outside you probably think ‘that was a long time ago’.  My thought as I am really considering this with some of our laundry is SIMPLE.  I am at a place that I am looking for simplicity in my living.   In this clutter free home that I am striving to have I am also trying to be clutter free with all the media and technology.  Trust me this is hard as I am working on my iPad 2 as I sit next to my awesome techy husband who is superb at it.  When I read the reports, the statics on children’s minds and how much smarter they are the less TV and games are played.   What is my goal with this SIMPLE life?  It is really to find what enriches our lives the most, the people that truly bring us the richest moments of anyone’s life. 

In taking back we can actually take our relationships forward.  Investing time in our children so they can learn to develop a critical mind rather than one that accepts what is told to think.   In this SIMPLE life we can be more in tune with God and His whispers in our hearts and soul.  

So as I ponder on drying my clothes outside I also ponder on the freshness we can receive from simply enjoying the gifts God gave us all around!

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