Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am not spending the night!

Saturday we went over to our friend’s house for a dinner get together.  My friend has two precious girls ages 6 and 3 so you can only imagine the tons of girl toys they could possibly have.  Besides the two girls, my three kiddos there were also another girl and twin boys.   At our house the boy toys prevail over my daughter girly toys so for her this has the best house ever to be playing at.  My son Alex and the twin boys seemed fine with everything as they were just having fun playing with everyone.  Noah on the other hand showed us where he draws the line when it comes to anything girly!  

As most kid friendly households we have a small table of some sort that we can pull out so kids can sit at and eat while the adults continue to have grown up time even during the meal….yes, you can do it after practice.  You just learn to kinda turn one ear off to the kids while you be an adult with the others.  As we placed each child’s food on the table we called them to sit down.  Noah comes over ready to eat but halts at the sight of a princess table with princess chairs letting us know “I am not a girl” and picks a chair at the table firmly. You have to know that my husband likes to taunt him by offering pink underwear or pink dresses for him to wear so he has come up this thing of not being referred to as a baby or girl.  As we continue the process of feeding the kids and serving ourselves I let Noah sit at the table to eat until we needed to move him.  Chuckling at his reaction we just had to bribe him with eating a cupcake if he sat at the table with the other boys.

 From there the evening continued peacefully and harmonically even when kids were saying their goodbyes.   As conversation of the girls spending the night was going on and Alex inviting them to maybe go camping one night in the backyard, Noah must have been listening.   With even more determination then earlier with almost a low growl Noah turned to me saying “I am not spending the night!!”  Poor guy he probably thought no way how could I ever sleep in pink sheets with purple blankets on while laying his head on some princess pillow. 
I think he didn’t sigh out of relief until he buckled himself in his car seat knowing he was clear of all things girly.

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