Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My husband and I were faced with a possible decision to make yesterday.  It wasn't a life changing kinda of decision but as we talked it out it became a matter of our testimony.  Our testimony to our kids and people around us.  I am using the word testimony but I know that many people get lost in thinking it refers to a religious meaning.   I could say it would affect our reputation or how people percieve us. I like the meaning though, that we do declare, advertise our faith.

Testimony:  evidence in support of a fact or statement; declaration (advertisement of belief or acknowledgment) or profession, as of faith.

We could have made our decsion on one hand with the right to.  After letting some of the emotions settle, I realized that even though we have the right it, would not give a declaration, an advertisement, a testimony to who we are.  We tell our kids that we love all people, that we are friends to everyone and that we should respect everyone.  Our actions do influence our kids and if we do not take decisions that reflect our belief then we are giving a false testimony.  Sure the kids might not ever know that we considered making this decision but the adults around us would. By all means it would have been understood and even expected for us to do so. However there is a bigger picture with a bigger purpose in front of us.

What an opportunity to show that we believe, that we trust and stand confident in the bigger picture.  Granted if needed we will speak up but as we saw last night we have not been given a reason to.  Quite opposite we have been given the ability to show a good testimony of giving other people around us a chance!

What a lesson for the kids to learn...yet I am the one that is learning!

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