Monday, August 13, 2012

Heart Conversations

Last Tuesday while washing dishes for like the 20th time that day I heard a whisper in my heart.  It was so strong in my spirit that I knew it was an answer to an ongoing prayer I have had all summer! I was reminded of my dream, my vision for what I see myself serving God in.  See I have not doubted what and where I am to be, just the how.  It was like an encouraging nod that I am going in the right direction towards the how.

More then what was whispered in my heart I want share the joy that I was not 'to busy' to hear.  That I reconigezed that still small voice. I know we pray, we seek and we hear but there are times when we need to  recalculate our steps a bit.  In doing so we avoid going through the motions and can find a fresh new renewal.

The new series at church is "Conversations with God". Sitting in church the first Sunday I found myself thinking, "great message on prayer, I know this and agree" then at that same moment Pastor Ross said "even if you know this and do this you should consider a fresh look at how you are praying".   So I have been putting effort in making small adjustments to my prayer time, to my conversation with God.  As I have done that I have heard God whisper in my heart through conversations with Him and those around me.

Be encouraged to tweak, to make any small adjustments or to just sit still so that you can feel renewed in your heart.  God has great things for us in our day to day so let's have an ongoing conversation with God!

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