Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The only way to get back into blogging is to just sit here and write.  So with really no post in mind I am  typing my rambling so that I can hit 'Publish'.....

It is summer, I thought my time would be flowing in abundance with spare time oozing at the end of every day!  I have not done what I wanted to other then to be with my kids. 

   Last Friday we enjoyed an afternoon of sun and water at the YMCA. It filled my heart with a peace to just stop and enjoy the kids.  

Swimming is the constant thing we do almost daily. 
 I am surprised at how well and easy going I have been with all that it entails in taking kids to the pool. 
 Did you know they grow up?!
  .....yep that realization settled deep in my heart this summer that they are growing up. 

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