Friday, July 20, 2012

Easy Going Friday

Today has been a great day! It has been an easy going Friday.  One month ago we left for our family vacation to visit my husband's family, during this time we have not been all together at home like today.  This is probably what has made this day enjoyable.  

Our Friday really started last night when my husband went to the Batman Marathon to celebrate my brother's birthday. (How unfortunate to wake up to such devastating news regarding the shooting in Colorado)

He left yesterday afternoon which actually allowed me to get cleaning, laundry and house stuff back in order.  After kids went to bed it was like I drank some kind of energy drink because I stayed up until Bobby came home enjoying some 'me time'.  You kinda wake up in a good mood when you go to bed with a sense of accomplishment!

So with coffee in hand and strawberry whole wheat pancakes in my belly I was set to conquer the day! With Delisa in tow we headed to week two's class of TCU's Summer Reading Program.  Delisa ended Pre-K being able to read easy reader, sight word books.  But today she really impressed me with how much she can 'read'!

Round two began the moment I got home and Bobby left to take Alex to his Summer Reading class.  As I made our afternoon snack I figured it would be a good afternoon to try something new knowing that the kids probably get tired of milk and water.  I found this drink powder filled with fruits and vegetables as an option for a healthy drink.  It was a hit!  Nothing like kids with a full satisfied stomach because I have been writing this post with no interruptions! 

Despite the short night I have felted rested but I am thinking we will just hibernate at home tonight and continue to enjoy the easiness of the  day.
Happy Friday! 

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