Friday, September 28, 2012

Cooking for my son

All right so I would tease my husband so much when it would come to his mom cooking for him.  For years she would come visit and cook all of 'my son's favorites'.  She would ensure that I knew what he liked and possibly tried to teach me how to cook them.  However the thing is, he did not like them anymore.

As the years have gone by since I first meet my husband his taste buds have changed...drastically changed!  However the moment my mother in law would arrive it was all about 'my mom's cooking.' Blah..really?!  I would sit there at the kitchen table and think what a mama's boy. Or even think, wow Bobby can just say hi and she has whipped an entire meal of his "favorite" stuff.  She is a fantastic cook, a real gift in the kitchen and she can have a whole spread in 5 minutes.  She can spend all day cooking something but if any of her children or grandchildren do not like it she will make them something they do like.  I am far from all that especially the I will make you something because you do not like what I made.  I cook it, you eat it no excuse!

BUT...this year my older son started walking in saying he liked something encouraging me to find a way to cook it.  Now before I go on I will not budge from I cook it, you eat it no excuse.  My kids have learned that we do no ask for something else other then what is on our plates when we sit down.  I will cater to their tastes when I am cooking but not when I am done. Off the soap box and back to my story of me becoming like my mother in law when it comes to my son.  I have tried several new recipes because he likes something. I love it when he tells me that dinner was delicious or even better asking for seconds! Ahhh the things our kids can do to us....I am mush now after kids.

Why I am saying all of this? Because I got an email this morning with a recipe for homemade pot stickers and thought "oh I must try this for Alex!" So my simple inspired moment today is, for my son I will try new things.  

What moment today will inspire you to try something new? Be open...

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