Monday, September 10, 2012

Simple Life

As I am at my desk I am pondering how we are going into our third week of school.  In the past two weeks I have really had to acknowledge that I can accomplish more with less on my plate.  For years my husband and I  lived to the fullest in the sense of how much can we spin. However in the last four years since moving to Austin we have realized that being able to enjoy life is simple.  I could go into the detail of what  mean but for the purpose of what is on my heart this morning I won't.

I have packed healthy lunches everyday the past two weeks for both kids.  I attribute that to having the time the night before in packing and getting things ready for the next day.  We have spent more time outside in the evenings before bed, we have read more, and I have been cooking.  If I am busy with being too involved elsewhere I find that I am not involved to the fullest at home.  For me honestly I struggle with my independent side wanting to peak out but I have to remind myself that I am mom and the season that my kids are in will pass so quickly.  I do not want to look back and find myself saying, "I should have spent more time at home".  I have had to scale back in things that my heart wants to do and focus only a couple of things so that I can remain strong and present for my family.

But you know what? I have found myself present for myself too. When you give your life away you find it, says the Bible.  As I 'give' to my family and to the areas that I have honed in on I have found myself again.  I am also better at supporting my husband as he is making a difference in our community and church.  During our engagement we realized that what he does is like as if I am doing it and what I do it is as if he is doing it....were one.  So I do not feel left out but included in his influence so I am then bringing him strength as well.

Between my school work, kids school and us getting to a more simple life I took time to reflect.  This idea of a slow pace, simple life is great! Take some time today to really simplify an might be surprised.

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  1. I love this. great perspective.