Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey there, Monday!

Well here you. From time to time it is a little bitter sweet when you show up. Not for the same reasons as to why most people don't really like you, but because we just enjoyed such a great weekend.  We started with Friday night family favorite of hot dogs and movie. I know, I know hot dogs but they were turkey and grilled and just my favorite fun food.  I have come to enjoy unwinding Friday evenings with kids filling up our bed watching a movie while Bobby makes dinner. 

This weekend, we enjoyed friends and family.  We had a delicious chicken Santa Fe soup that I created when I had nothing else in my pantry one evening about a year ago.  Add corn bread or tortilla chips, cheese, avocado and table of friends and you have a great evening.  Top that off we had a pumpkin bread with pumpkin buttercream and coffee.  Just delicious.

Other weekend events included driving with friends around town to look at houses.  The hope of them moving to our area was exciting.  We love them and do not get to spend much time with them yet when we do it is like no time or distance has gone by. They started Sunday with us at church, OneChapel.  We were so proud for them to come to church with us....we love our church so much! Bobby ended our weekend with a quick PTA meeting in our home.  

Going to bed content with all that God has brought into our lives makes Monday actually sweet with thankfulness! It is going to be a great week....

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