Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thought Transformer - The Biology of Hope

Norman Cousins did considerable research on the power of positive emotions such as joy, laughter, and hope. His book, Head First: The Biology of Hope, relates his ten years in the medical community, particularly on the faculty of the School of Medicine of the University of California.  Cousins held the only honorary degree in medicine awarded at Yale University School of Medicine. In his book, he presents massive scientific evidence of the harmful effects of negative emotions and emphasizes the power of hope, faith, and love to enhance healing. 

A study was done by Dr. Joel Dimsdale on those that survived the Nazi death camps during WWII.  Interviewing a number of survivors, Dr. Dimsdale found one element that towered above everything else.  It was hope.  Each survivor had a picture of the future. One saw himself with his family, another was to enjoy Hanukkah again.  Almost every survivor held to one form or another a blind, naked hope,throwing their thoughts into the future, they used hope like a magnet to draw them to safety.

 Action Steps

1). What does your future look like?  Study your thoughts and remove all the ones that bring you down. 

2). Fill your heart and mind with the promises of God.  Allow them to paint a picture of your future. 

3). During the day relive that picture over and over.  You will find strength and energy emerging inside of you.   

Remember you are God's Best, 

Dr. Rob Carman
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