Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fashion 'wants' detox

I have had the following two thouhgts roll around my thoughts lately:
  • Stop signing up for store emails with sales or discounts.  Having those in your inbox will only give you the sense of want for things. If you did not see the emails then you avoid the trap of over spending on unnecessary wants. - Wendy Treat 
  • It is only when I go to the mall that I feel like a need a particular shirt but if I stay away then I am content with what I have in my closet. - lady from church
 I find these two comments really valuable.  Many times after opening my inbox I feel like somehow I must go buy the item that is such a good deal.  In reality I would not even think of 'purple pants' from a hip store as a want until it is sitting in my inbox.  I am reminded and encouraged today to continue with the detoxing of stuff so that I can live clean in what God has for me.  Not loosing sight in the sea of ads telling me what to wear but keeping my eyes on Jesus.

Please know that I like to shop for trendy pieces and keep somewhat update but there is balance.  As of now I am finding balance and attempting to look fashionable by a fashion recommendation from Nina Garcia, Fashion Editor - Stick with classic shapes and reuse with accessories to keep updated. I have begun to  do this and I can see that I will save money in the long run.  It is a process to narrow our wants down to our needs, to the desires of our heart.

Many times we think that there is a delay in seeing our dreams fufilled even knowing that God will bring it to pass.  We, I can get lost with all the noise that comes at us distracting me from the real desire in my heart. Let's keep our eyes focused on Jesus....may seem 'out of context' but a good start in focusing our vision is detoxing from the emails or going stores. Simple. Practical.

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