Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blossoms of my heart

It has been awhile since I always though I have posts running around in my mind with not enough time to sit down.  I could sit here and tell you how busy we have been or what not but I am not.  Simply put, I have been finding myself doing some house cleaning in my heart.

You know how you start to clean your closet for Spring getting out cooler clothes and putting away Winter items away.  There are times though that you have to go through Winter items or Spring and know that you no longer need that item.  Very similar to that is what I was doing in my heart. As my husband and I are entering into new areas I knew I needed to make room for what God has in store. It became a bit emotional when I had to just release those things I was holding closely.  However even in those moments I was never alone as God's embrace comforted me.

The timing of this as we are in Spring reminded me of how God brings growth into our life allowing us to see  blossoms that are in us.  So as I enjoy all my Easter/Spring decorations I am enjoying knowing that in my heart I am ready for new blossoms that I am seeing emerge in my heart.

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