Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Thought Transformer

                                         Just Three Words

Just three words can change our lives.  What are these three words? Act as if!  Act as if the Gospel story is true. Act as if the good news proclaimed by Jesus is that God loves us and cares for us, and the wonderful promise He gave us that He would never abandon us is true.  Act as if the assurance that we have forgiveness of sins if we repent is true.  Act as if His promise of eternal life is so.  Act as if all of God's promises are true. Never mind how you feel, at any given moment, just act as if it is so. 

If you do you will make a wonderful discovery. Your whole being will begin to respond. You'll begin to move towards faith and not away from it.  As you take hold of this thought process you will find yourself being swept along by a current flowing stronger then the arid deserts of doubt.  You will find the green fields of faith. 

The famous composer Joseph Haydn was asked how he managed to create such marvelous music. "When I decide to compose, I pray and thank God that it has been accomplished. Then I do it. If it doesn't come the first time I pray again. Then it comes." He acted as if!  So, act as if God is with you, directing and guiding your life and filling it with His own good pleasure. 

 Action Steps

1). Approach your day with a positive outlook, that God is with you today. 

2). Create an expectancy that good things are going to happen.

3). Your actions will change your emotions and attitudes, and they will change your results.

Dr. Rob Carman

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