Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Style Ideas

I just loved these looks and how they are grouped together.  From here not only do I see how but I can use the color pallet to piece what I may already have in my closet.

Here is the article and the link so you can look through it...I hope you enjoy just as much I do.

by Lauren Conrad
Ingredients...For a Perfect Fall Wardrobe

LC Lauren Conrad Pleated Dress, Zara Clutch, J.Crew Darby Loafers, Topshop Chiffon Shirt, J.Crew Striped Sweater, LC Lauren Conrad Bow Earrings, Paper Crown Hudson Short, H&M Suede Bootie, J Brand Olympia Wash Jeans, Oasis Leather Skater Dress
Here are my ten style staples for fall… (Note: I’ll be doing an entire post dedicated to finding the perfect coat—hence the missing jacket.)

  1. Sheer Oxford.
  2. Stripped Crewneck.
  3. Fun Jewelry.
  4. Pleated Pieces.
  5. Booties.
  6. Bright Accessories.
  7. Dressy Shorts.
  8. High-Waisted Jeans.
  9. Boudoir Slippers. 
  10. Leather (or faux leather) anything!

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