Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Living Room Dance Party

We have been enjoying this new 'trend' in our home of just dancing around with the kids.  This act of jumping around silly with no beat at times is such a great way to build small moments that create memories.  Sure the kids at first just starred at me as I danced, or should I say wiggled around calling it dancing, but they love it now!

There are plenty times where the kids see the disciplinary side of us so it is good to let them see us be silly with them  This allows for them to flourish in their personality with no reservation. Believe it or not I have a good amount of sanguine in me but because of how I was raised I am far more reserved. Take your husband out on your living room dance floor because that is a moment you can have for your relationship too.

Really it is simple, there are no rules, there are no certain songs or even time of the day. Whether it be one song or 5 songs go for it have a dance party because overall and most importantly it is about creating a family that share memories together!

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