Monday, December 5, 2011

Cozy Monday

In being back home Monday mornings have a new feel. It does not fail every Monday, there are several social site updates on Monday blues. For me though it is not blues but almost an anticipation as kids and husband leave allowing my Monday some quiet time to unwind and reorganize for the week.

By Monday morning everyone is tired from the weekend and a bit weary of getting out of bed. I remember having to wake up early to get ready to rush off to work and try to focus. I would sit at my desk and recount the weekend wanting to just be home. Mondays would set the tone for the week depending on what was due or on the calendar.  Getting through Monday in some mechanical way just to get to Friday seems to be the norm. Sad thing to be 'Monday' in so many people lives....however for me it is a beuatiful thing!

Before going on make no mistake or misinterpretation of my love for the kids! I adore my husband and wish he could be working from home everyday, I cherish my kids and love to spend the day with them. With that said though I feel as Mondays are a small gift of 'me time' to me. Some me time where like this morning I snuggled on the couch with my youngest son watching Good Morning America...which I realized in the last couple weeks I have missed the show. So many Mondays I longed to have the time of just loving on Noah giving him some individual attention and now I do! Mondays for me also bring a breather of the commotion of a house of 3 kids all under 6 and a year a part. It is my mental break.  I can piece the house back together the way I like so that we can get things done during the week. 

This particular Monday it is cozy with the light rainy cold weather, Christmas tree on giving a warm light in the living room.  Change was something I went through the summer but I find myself cozy in what change brought to me.  Mondays are now my Fridays and I am not only cozy in my house but cozy in my heart knowing that I am blessed!

Happy Monday

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