Thursday, October 6, 2011

You've Got Mail

My husband and I were recently watching some show on HGTV where the designer asked "If you could live in house from any movie, which one would it be?" Both of us at the same time said 'You've Got Mail'! I loved that we both have the same living room in mind, Kathleen Kelly's home. This occurred about two weeks ago yet I remember it like some fond memory that brings warmth to my heart.

One of my favorite scenes: I love when she is typing on her computer and you see the wall bookshelf.  As I am typing I can imagine myself with a little nook where I can either read in comfort or blog on my laptop. As I sit on my couch blogging I have the movie playing in the background setting my mood for a cozy evening.

One of my favorite places in the movie:  With my husband we have had the opportunity to go to New York a couple of times. We enjoyed eating at the hot dog place Papaya Gray from the movie. It was delicious but enjoyable because of our love for the movie. Ahh I can close my eyes...see us sitting in this rink a dink chain restaurant enjoying each other in the city that inspires. I have a picture of the place framed hanging in my bedroom.

I do love my home even though at times I wish I could just stretch my arms out and push the walls giving us a bit more room. More importantly though I want us to walk into our home where we do have that warmth feeling in our hearts.  As I try to achieve that casual living inspired space like Pottery Barn I am impressed to not forget to have His love in our home. Our home is a place where we can be that safe nest for our marriage, our children, our friends and those who need to feel loved.  This statement says it all: In our home let love abide, and bless all those who step inside!

PS: Speaking of great movie lines and scenes this is my favorite....

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