Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Naps

Sunday naps remind me of my childhood. We would come home from church, have lunch together and then sent to our rooms for a nap. There would be times that at some point in the early evening after our naps we would end up in my parents room all together to watch TV.  Ahh...what a great way to get ready for Monday.  On some Sundays when my family and I lived in El Salvador during my teen years we would spend the day at my grandparents house.  Depending on the day sometimes naps were taken, cousins would be over, or just lounge all together laughing.

Sunday afternoons at my parents house has become the tradition and I love it! However on Sundays like today it was spent at our home. Kids were fussy, I was tired, Bobby had homework and my parents were out with friends leaving us to just come home. It was delightful to snooze on the couch and all the kids nap.  Once we all arose the afternoon was cozy while kids played and I decorated kids rooms with some final touches. 

I think of Sunday naps and it brings such warmth to my heart. Regardless of where we spend Sundays I want the kids to feel the same way about family and Sunday afternoons. God has blessed me, blessed them with having each other to enjoy our life together!

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