Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful:  unusually good, admirable

This was Mother’s Day weekend and I had a wonderful one! I enjoyed my day to the fullest as we stayed home due to pink eye.  I honestly could not have enjoyed it any other way as I was stress free and in such a good mood doing what I like to do.

As we look at the meaning of the word ‘Wonderful’ in the dictionary we find the word admirable.  Almost strange to think that when we say wonderful we are saying admirable.  I had a wonderful weekend filled with love, courage, peace and yes admiration!

Admiration in my husband in his patience with me! Patience with me as I go through my growing up and stretching that is brought through motherhood.  Admiration in how he loves me, how he loves the kids and how he loves our families.  I have not only the best husband but an admirable one, a wonderful husband!

Admiration that is continuous in my children who have such docile hearts towards what is front of them.  So many times I let myself get bothered, angry, frustrated, and saddened by the day in and day out of kids.   We all want ‘wonderful’ children and you know when I think of wonderful being admirable then I have that in my kids.  They are so admirable as they are not complacent in life, they are admirable as they love so purely, they are admirable as they trust me their mom!  At the end of each night when we kiss them goodnight my heart is full of admiration for my wonderful kids, my wonderful family!

I had a wonderful weekend thanks to the admiration I have for my husband and kids!

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