Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pink Eye

We all know how things can spread in a family with little kids when it comes to sickness BUT pink eye, really?! Yep that is what I have from my younger son. It never crossed my mind that at my age I would get pink eye! I feel terrible that maybe we didn't nature Noah as much or maybe I am just a whimp as this pink eye stuff has knocked me out to seclusion in my room. However he seemed fine and still full of his jumpy energy. In this I can see the obvious difference of age between him and I. Even as an adult we can still 'catch' what the kids may have but let that not only be sickness, let's catch their energy of love. My son has showed so much love to me as he is checking on me making sure I am resting, getting my eye drops or eating. Love regardless of age is what can give us energy in our relationships and like children it is innocent reaching to everyone.


  1. Oh no! I haven't had that since I was young but but I remember it like it was yesterday! My eye was completely swallon shut. No fun at all!!

  2. It was and is no fun for me or kids! But we are coming out if it!