Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hope has been a term that I have grown up with throughout my life but until recently I have come to grasp what it means in my life.   Hope as it was explained to us by our Pastor is "a positive expectation".  As I have been pondering on this I realize that hope is more present then what I thought.  So many people around us and ourselves do  have a hope but it is not positive.  You might hear it in comments like "I hope that this project will go smooth but this and that" - its hope with a negative expectation and not with faith.  How much more can we have a positive expectation, a hope filled with faith when we have God's love, promises and grace?   Let us watch our hope that we may hope in positive things as 'God is with me so who can be against me?' or 'My God shall supply all my needs' or 'Nothing can separate us from the love of God'.   I am encouraged in my hope today!

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