Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Normal, trying to be a healthy foodie.

So often as I sit at my dinner table with the family I wonder about all the 'healthy lifestyle' choices that are at our finger tips.  As a parent my heart's desire is to make the best choices possible for the growing wiggly bodies in front of me.  As a wife I want to ensure that I am nurturing my husband as we look to keeping our bodies strong.  For myself I am trying to attain a healthy lean strong body before I turn 40...which is several years away *cough*

I love reading, watching and/or talking about being healthy.  But I do find myself wondering how I am going to do this.  Our eating habits have evolved so much in the past three years and I am proud of it.  It all started with seeing and understanding what processed foods really are. From there we began to understand eating more plant based.  Now we are adding in clean eating and staying away from white flour and sugar.  You know you have read and heard the words 'poison, poison, your eating poison'.  

It is hard, huh?  What is true? What is poison?  What about macronutrients? Or  eating alkaline foods? You believe in something and you can easily  find support research online.  Every side is right.  How to decipher? I am just a normal person who enjoys food and knows that we need to fuel our bodies to survive.  That is why I have pushed through and tried to make all this normal.  As we have taken baby steps towards healthy living I can actually see that we are becoming those strange people.

My husband is at the verge of resembling a vegetarian! Who would have thought?! Not me, never.  What have we done to ourselves that we rarely eat at a chain restaurant?  All I know is that we strive to find balance in all the informatuon that is thrown at us. We cannot be extreme for reasons as money or I do not know how to cook raw.  But more importantly because we are normal and want these lifestyles to be normal in our life. How do you build a house? Brick by brick. 

So if you are out there trying to make sense of all the foodie hype let me encourage you that you can find your way. It is not about elimanting everything but adding.  If you eat two cookies a day just add an apple as well. Then one day the apple will take the place of two cookies and you will see yourself healthier. No pressure, do what is best for your family.  God is our creator and through prayer you can grow in your eating habits.  Let the Holy Spirit direct you in which 'diet' to start with. I have taken bits from plant-based diet, bits from gluten-free diet, bits from clean eating and bits from enjoying a good burger from time to time. I am not there yet but I am not where I started. So with God's help let's relax as we become normal health junkies!

What do you say?


  1. Love this Annette! I'm with you, sifting thru all the health advice & tryin to apply to our family. I like the idea of finding what makes you feel better & sticking with that. Seems to differ per person :) Thanks for posting!


  2. Sifting and applying based on your family....key words! We can figure anything out with a LaraBar in hand ;o