Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painting in our life

Silly things can get us to think on Godly things such as painting our home.  We painted my daughter's room this past weekend and I started to think about my life in God's hands.  There is so much to say about God and His love and grace in our life.  Just imagine with me this thought I have....

As I would brush the paint on the walls and see the strokes cover the old paint I could not help to think that God's love covers our old self like that.  Even more then our old self how about some of our current self? Paint can change, transform the room and so does the love of God.  

Pondering on all of this I also thought about how many times a house can change it is design.  Like in fashion one day it is in and one day it is out....haha I took that from Project Runway. What I am trying to say is that despite how many years a house can be it will have had at least one more coat of paint through the years.  Our lives will have more then one coat of paint regardless of what we say or do God can and will cover us with His love. So in that I find such expecatncy to know that the strokes of God's love is covering it all leaving His grace to be my color!

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