Monday, July 11, 2011

If they can do it then why can't I....Paint continued

 I am setting July as our paint project month and so we have been sampling paints.  We picked up paint cards the last time I blogged about our process however the colors bombed. I have the whole look, design in my head but cannot get it out so our walls have patches every where of paint.  It is getting to where I am just going to paint white because the mess is past 'oh were sampling paints' or 'oh you know we have kids'.

We are looking at have a blueish color in our living room to blend with the dark leather/camel suede sectional we have and the darker woods. The halls and kitchen looking at a tanish/yellowish that will blend with the living room yet help make it seem open and bright.

In midst of sampling paint I am processing in my head 'oh my goodness we are going to paint ourselves'.  I continue to think that my main concern is edging.  If your great at it I will not mind if you want to come help us out because that would just be inspiring and appreciated! 

BUT tad-ah! We have selected our colors! Saturday night we happened to be watching HGTV when there it was the look we are going for.  Not exactly but the palette and tones and feel of welcome to our home.  Ultimatley not only are wanting a home where are kids will grow up to be all who God has called them to be but a home for others to feel the love of God.  So we see this house as a vechicle for raising our children and reaching people as we invite them in.

I was able to find a picture, even though it is not quite like seeing the whole space and colors but you can get the idea and link to the design we are going for:

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