Monday, June 6, 2011

Kneading of life

You the know the prayer we have "Lord here I am, I give you my life"? It seems to a prayer that I have from season to season.  Those words were rolling around in my heart for months that I would just trust God that I knew what He called me to do. Too many details to go into but I do say that God has been stretching me and showing me areas in my heart for improvement through His love. We are in this kneading of life that only God can do. In short I am home with the kids seeing the days before me filled with change.  

In change we have two options, one to be scared and resist and the other to embrace it with hope.  By embracing the new change I am declaring good days as God is in me, God is my husband and God is my family.  With God there is only good for He came to give life, breath of life that fills the lungs of every area that we encompass.  

I am looking forward to seeing the following posts that will come as now I am stay at home mom turned working mom to stay at home mom perspective is not the same!

Let the Hope in this change begin.....


  1. good for you, congratulations, transition brings so much.....again!

  2. this really resonated with me. God is squeezing, squeezing, squeezing me and I am actively choosing to hang on and embrace change as scary as it is. Hang in there--you have a great (and right) attitude.


  3. Carrie glad we both have God in our ever so changing lives!

    Jenn I have. Feeling that we will transitioning for years to come with kiddos. :)